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Tight Style – What is it?

Tight style is sometimes (not always) seen in the work of less experienced artists. It can also be the intentional style of an artist or illustrator. I sometimes use this style in cartoon-looking images when clean hard lines are needed to define spaces or to clearly separate objects/characters within the image.

Tight styled images are reasonably quick to create and fairly easy to animate. But, its harder to convey emotion in this style of image. They tend to be flatter and more rigid. Flat, rigid images do have their uses. They work well on apparel, gift ware and in miniature books or greeting cards where space is limited.

Examples of Tight Style

Try not to let budget along drive the style of illustrations for your project. Consider the look AND the emotion you want conveyed by the illustrations when choosing the style.

I’ve been creating images since 1988. I’ve developed several styles. Each is riced according to the time and effort required to complete an image in that particular style. I offer payment plans when i work on larger projects involving multiple images. So, you can afford to have your illustrations express what you want them to.

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