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    Helpful Quote Instructions

    This quote form is broken down into sections.  For most clients, you’ll complete your contact information, then just the project section that applies to you and lastly the Additional Thoughts.

    About My Rates

    I really love what I do so much that I don’t want to do anything else.  My rates are very competitive.  I do not over charge for my services because I like to always have enough projects coming in that I can continue to be a full time sdesigner – focusing my attention and effort on YOUR illustration needs instead of some other part time or full time job elsewhere.  Having reasonable rates keeps me in my studio where I most love to be!

    Regarding Illustration Style:

    I am fluent in several styles.  The form to the left lists them.  These images will help you decide which style best suits your project.

    Project Dimensions:

    Please tell me the finished size of your project’s pages.  Your dimensions do not have to be exact, but please be as close to accurate as you can so that I am able to give you the correct price quote.

    Inner Page Illustration Sizes:

    Within your project’s dimensions, you may need a variety of image sizes.  These images help define the variety of image sizes you might use in a book project.

    Spread An illustration that fills up and spans 2 full pages
    Full An illustration that fills up 1 full page
    Half An illustration that fills 50% of 1 page
    Quarter An illustration that fills up 25% of 1 page
    Spot Small, simple image filling 1/8 or less of a page

    Regarding Text Payout:

    Many authors of childrens picture books need help with their layout.  Deciding when to put text on top of an image or to make the image smaller than the page to allow for the text can be challenging.  I have a lot of layout experience (which is a skill not all illustrators possess).  So, if you need help deciding where to put what size images and where to place text – say yes to this question and I will include this time and effort in my quote.

    Number of Illustrations Needed

    When you need less than 10 images there is no discount.  But, when you need more than 10 illustrations for the same project (for example with a children’s book) I do give a quantity discount.


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