Freelance Illustrator for Hire

What is Freelance?

Freelance – its when you hire someone to work on a particular project rather than as an employee.  This is my preferred way to take on illustration or design projects.  Why?  Well, I do a number of illustration projects for Farm Dog Design’s product line and for our writer (MH DeLisle).  So, I like to time new projects in ways that allow me to give them 100% of my attention.  Working freelance allows me to negotiate a schedule that allows me to give each project, your project, the attention it deserves.

Why I’m Not Paired with an Agency

Unlike many agencies, when you hire us to handle your illustration needs – you are NOT hiring many different artists who’s styles might vary from one image to the next.  You are hiring me, AJ Wanegar, as your illustrator. I offer my illustration work reasonably priced and work in your choice of several illustration styles.

When you hire an agency, you have this go between person that sits in between you and your illustrator.  Communication is made more difficult by the “middle man” who is conveying your wants and needs to the artist and then conveying his/her responses back to you.  A lot can get unintentionally miss-communicated.  I work directly with my clients so I have a full understanding of their needs and expectations.

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