Animation Services

Here’s a short example of one of our illustrated characters that had been animated.

Yes, we can work with your images. We can add movement to existing images you provide, putting them together in a way that presents your idea with more energy, grabbing the attention of your audience. This type of animation isn’t usually able to come out like the sample above.

The sample above was created using one of our simple illustrated characters. Illustrations that are purposely made for animation are constructed differently. Scenes are often made up of multiple pieces. This is done because it takes a number of individual scenes to create each movement. For example, the 15 second sample animation above is made up of the following:

  • 110 individual frames of the dog’s poses
  • 80 frames of facial expression editing to make the dog’s mouth move
  • 110 frames of music
  • 70 frames to create the “crunch” when the dog steps on the grass
  • 70 frames of the grass appearing
  • 120 frames of text to create the wording of the advertisement with the “cool” moving.

This list helps you understand why illustrations created for animation have more independent movement that when, for example, a printed picture book is then made into an animated project after the fact.

Illustrated Animation starting at $100

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